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When I set out to turn this blog into a business, I had no idea what I was doing. (No, really!)

I mean, it looked cute because I had previously built a catering company that I branded myself and had handled not only that branding but branding in professional settings over the course of my career in sales and marketing.

But looking cute doesn't pay the bills - know what I mean?

What I did know was this: I wanted to create a new kind of business that allowed me to be all of who I was; a business that didn't make me turn off my home-brewed-kombucha, earth-loving-mom self at work, and didn't make me drop my intensely-driven-and-super-smart-business-woman self in order to stay in touch with my more go-with-the-flow, enjoy-the-moment side.

I needed all the parts of me to feel alive.

But that struggle is SO REAL!

Here's the thing:

I found that so, so, so many women have a similar struggle.

  • We feel compartmentalized - not only in our time, but also in our way of being in the world. We’re expected to work like dudes and mom like ladies…and then everyone around us wonders what’s wrong when we finally lose our damn minds from running on the hamster wheel of what we think we “should be”…like, WTF!?!

  • We're doing all the things, checking all the boxes, and rather than feeling full and joyful and blessed, we're feeling depleted and overworked and out of touch with everything that matters.

That's the reason I work with female founders.

Because there's no better service you can offer to the world than the service of falling deeply in love with your own life.

No better way to succeed than incorporating your whole person into your work.

Your creativity, your passion, your impact-driven mission, your heart and soul, your strong stances, your need for flexibility, your desire to create your own path - my dears, these things are relevant. They MATTER!

And it's possible.

It's so possible.

I promise.

If you want help launching it, I'm your girl.

I'm in no way new to starting and scaling businesses.

It's the thing I love doing most.

My business is now built on helping female founders live in the ampersand - the Piper (open-arms-full-hearted-goddess) & the Sloan (passion-driven-business-badass) and teaching them that you get to have both.

So, we gather, go on retreats, do 1:1 coaching, build businesses, and fall deeply in love with our lives.

No question at all now about what I'm doing at Piper & Sloan.

It's that, all the precious day long.

And I couldn't be happier.